Sinus Center Presenters at the 2019 AAAAI Annual Meeting

AAAAI Annual Meeting

Several of Northwestern Sinus and Allergy Physicians and Faculty members will be attending and presenting at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology in San Francisco this year!

Here are some of the featured presentations:

AAAAI Foundation and Dennis K. Ledford & University
of South Florida Allergy & Immunology Division
Lectureship: Inaugural Year
Lecturer: Sergejs Berdnikovs, PhD
Systemic Regulation of
Susceptibility and Pathogenesis of Allergic Inflammation on Sunday,

What’s New in ILC2
Moderators: Stokes Peebles, Jr., MD FAAAAI
Atsushi Kato, PhD


TNF Induces the Production of Type 2 Cytokines in Human
Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells
Atsushi Kato, PhD

Aspirin and Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug
Challenges in the Office
Discussion Leaders: James L. Baldwin, MD FAAAAI
Whitney W. Stevens, MD PhD

Interleukin-33, and Not Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin,
is the Primary Driver of the Innate Allergic Immune
Moderator: Taylor A. Doherty, MD FAAAAI
Pro Speaker: Hirohito Kita, MD
Con Speaker: Atsushi Kato, PhD

Respiratory Virus Detection in Nasal Lavage Fluid of Chronic
Rhinosinusitis Patients During Acute Exacerbations
Jason Kwah, MD

Gender Disparities in Asthma: Are Hormones to Blame?
Kathryn E. Hulse, PhD

Hormonal Programing of Epithelium in Asthma Phenotypes
Sergejs Berdnikovs, PhD


Refractory Chronic Rhinosinusitis: When Does My Patient Need Surgery?
Robert C. Kern, MD
Joseph K. Han, MD FAAAAI


What to Do with a Patient with Severe Chronic Rhinosinusitis
Discussion Leaders:Robert C. Kern, MD
Anju T. Peters, MD FAAAAI

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