Fellowship Information

The Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Northwestern University offers a one year clinical fellowship (PGY6 level) in the management of nasal and sinus disorders. The experience includes a balance of basic, advanced, and revision surgery for a wide array of inflammatory conditions. Additionally, a significant component of the training includes endoscopic stereotactic management of skull base pathologies, including benign and neoplasms, as well as closure of skull base defects and CSF leaks. Fellows will also participate in pre- and post- operative management of these patients in a well-equipped outpatient setting that includes allergy evaluation, complete endoscopic instrumentation, and in-office CT scanning. The training includes a coordinated curriculum to balance these experiences under the oversight of Drs. Conley, Kern, and Dr. Kevin Welch. Ample research opportunity, including protected time, is available for clinical and basic science projects. The Northwestern Sinus and Allergy Center has multiple ongoing investigations in areas such as allergy, immunology, and pharmacology, and is continually applying scientific methods to study new advances in surgical techniques.

Candidates must have successfully completed residency training at the time of enrollment into the fellowship, and must meet qualifications defined by the Northwestern Office of Graduate Medical Education. Applications are handled through the San Francisco Match program, and more information is available at http://www.american-rhinologic.org/fellowship.phtml which is the match site sponsored by the American Rhinologic Society.