Surgery and Recovery


Your post-operative directions depend on your surgery. Please follow the directions given to you by your healthcare provider.

Below are general pdf instructions for nasal, sinus, and throat surgery post-operative care:

Recovering After Nasal or Surgery

General Tips for healing

  • Don’t take medicines containing aspirin or ibuprofen, you may take Tylenol/acetaminophen
  • Avoid bumping your nose and touching the splint or packing (septoplasty surgery)
  • Avoid bending or lifting.
  • Sneeze or cough with your mouth open to reduce pressure inside your nose.
  • Keep from blowing your nose until you’re told it’s OK to do so.
  • Keep eyeglasses from resting on your nose by taping them above the nose.
  • Protect your nose from the sun.
  • After packing is removed, start saltwater rinses if prescribed.
  • Keep followup appointments with your doctor
  • No smoking!

Follow up visits

Your doctor will most likely want to see you within a week to check your healing. Any packing, splint, or dressings will probably be removed at that time. You may feel slight discomfort and bleed a little when this is done. Please call 312-695-8182 to make your follow up visit.

Assessing the results

During later followup visits, your doctor will assess your healing and the results of your surgery. Talk with your doctor about any problems or concerns you may have.

When to call the doctor

Call 312-695-8182 if you notice any of the following:

  • Sudden increase in pain, swelling, or bruising
  • Fever
  • Heavy bleeding

If you are unable to access our office during business hours but are experiencing heavy bleeding from your nose after nasal or sinus surgery, please visit your local emergency department as this a medical emergency