Budesonide Irrigation Rinses

Instructions for Budesonide/Mometasone Application

Instructions for steroid nasal rinses


1. Prescription of Budesonide
2. Bottle of nasal saline irrigation (E.g. Neilmed). This can be purchased over the
counter at your local pharmacy or retail store.
3. Prepackaged salt packets (E.g. Neilmed) or kosher salt and baking soda.
4. Distilled water or tap water that has been boiled and allowed to cool

How to Mix:
1. Mix salt/baking soda (½ teaspoon salt and ¼ teaspoon baking soda) or
prepackaged salt packet with 8 ounces of distilled water or boiled tap water that
has been allowed to cool in the irrigation bottle.
2. Add liquid medication from one ampule of budesonide medication to 8 ounce
3. Replace the lid and shake well to mix the medication & saline.
4. Rinse one nostril with 4 ounces of the bottle contents and then rinse the other
nostril with the remaining 4 ounces.
5. Perform this irrigation once or twice a day as instructed.








Nasal Irrigation Drops Application (Mygind position)

  • Add 1 capsule/vial of budesonide to nasal saline rinse bottle which has previously been filled with saline solution
  • Rinse one half of solution on right side (60ml) and the other half of solution on the left side (60ml)
  • Please see nasal saline irrigation instruction form for further information on how to perform the rinses
  • The application of rinses is usually performed in the morning

Drops Application (Mygind Position)

  • Lie with your back on the bed and head off the bed as pictured above (Mygind position)
  • Apply one half of a budesonide respule/vial to each nostril while lying on the bed in the position depicted above
  • Stay in position for about 5 minutes after the drops have been placed
  • If this is being performed in conjunction with nasal saline irrigations, the irrigations should be performed in the morning and the drops should be performed at night before bed