Budesonide Irrigation Rinses

Instructions for Budesonide/Mometasone Application

Nasal Irrigation Application

  • Add 1 capsule/vial of budesonide to nasal saline rinse bottle which has previously been filled with saline solution
  • Rinse one half of solution on right side (60ml) and the other half of solution on the left side (60ml)
  • Please see nasal saline irrigation instruction form for further information on how to perform the rinses
  • The application of rinses is usually performed in the morning

Drops Application (Mygind Position)

  • Lie with your back on the bed and head off the bed as pictured above (Mygind position)
  • Apply one half of a budesonide respule/vial to each nostril while lying on the bed in the position depicted above
  • Stay in position for about 5 minutes after the drops have been placed
  • If this is being performed in conjunction with nasal saline irrigations, the irrigations should be performed in the morning and the drops should be performed at night before bed